Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Post

Welcome all to my and my son's chess log. Hopefully this blog will be useful to y'all as we vicariously participate in the chess learning process. We have a decent wealth of experience behind us. This was my son's first anniversery of chess. He plays in the advanced chess club at his school. An award winning participant of Elena's Donaldson's chess camp last summer. He is 4/0 in an 8 round RR in his club. Participated in 10 scholastic tournaments this year including state and we had our "Searching for Bobby Fischer" moment and took the train to the Nationals in Sacramento. And all with a rating that is currently peaking at 907. He is clearly not yet "that guy."

But I believe that is the point of this movement. We all love chess, we all desire to play as well as we can. We are willing to invest or minds, time and resources to this end. We share the triumphs and failures, the techniques and reviews. We are clearly in the middle of this process, both for me, a 1400 player with no games under my belt in over 10 years, and my son who has gone from knowing nothing to just starting to play well, in just over a year.

Please excuse the mess while I get this set up.

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