Thursday, May 24, 2007

Opening Traps

I have a couple of books on the way. Heisman's second book of chess for everyone. I had been confused that it was mostly a rehash of Novice Nook articles, which seem to be rehashes of the don't lose mantra of Real Chess. Don't get me wrong. I think that Real Chess is Real Important. But after reading a bit deeper using the search inside feature I have sent off for a real copy. (He actually mentions the point of the talented player getting smoked in the Fried Liver Attack. I have high hopes again).

One of the things that was mentioned in his book, was the 10 most important things that is missing in the average chess player. One of those things was basic tactical issues.

I actually happen to agree with that whole heartedly, and I have actually heard that complaint said in many ways, including by the Knights.

I have found a collection of miniatures that show some of the basic tactical problems. I was doing some research on the Qa5 scenario's. And I came up with the name of the "Elephant Trap". This list of miniatures popped up. Most of you have seen these. Some may have seen this very list. But it is quite clear, that even if these specifically are familiar to you, they are very important. The themes here are the concrete reasons that many openings are as they are. They are also how many games are won, when your opponent isn't just hanging pieces.

Enjoy Opening Traps

These are being added to mine and my best friend's studies, so that we know them cold.

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chessloser said...

great topic, and nice link, thanks for that...

takchess said...

You have to love traps and gambits they keep chess interesting !

Here is one to watch out for from the Smith Morra
as well as another trap collection

likesforests said...

Euwe says a master knows how to beat theoretically busted lines.

I take a unique and I think strong approach to studying opening traps. In Chessbase I identified the winning tactic in all the 1.c4 games where White won in 3-12 moves and trained against them. I add to this as I score 1.c4 miniature wins. The result is that I *will* spot any opening traps my opponent falls into.

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

That's a pretty sweet collection of games right there :)

I love miniatures :D

Cratercat said...

I'm glad you mentioned Heisman's book which I'll have to take a look at. I currently don't have any material of his but have obviously heard a lot of rave reviews from other knights in blogland.