Thursday, May 31, 2007

What are Your Favorite Plans?

What are your favorite plans in the opening. How do you plan on tricking your opponents? It is a well placed check by the Queen on the A file. Is it taking off the B7 pawn by your white bishop. Maybe it is dropping a Knight down on C7 to fork the Queen and Rook.

I am trying to compile a list of cheapies. Those tactics that are always there for the taking, if your opponent is going to leave them for you to get. Or those things that you like to focus on in your openings. The things that you tend to work towards.

Me, I like to bring the rain of terror down on the F pawn and open up the pathways for Qh5++, Old School style.


likesforests said...

I don't try to trick my opponents in the opening--instead I develop my pieces as rapidly as possible. I have trained myself on all the tactical patterns than occur in my opening, so I am ready if my opponent allows Qa4+, Qh5+, Qg4 (fork), d4-d5 (fork), Bxb7, Qxb7, Bb5 (pin), etc. I love when my opponents waste time playing tricky moves because if there is no great refutation I at least pick up an easy lead in development.

hisbestfriend said...

Well done. But not my point.

I am trying to collect the list of those things... So what are you waiting for your opponent to do?

likesforests said...

The English opening (1.c4) tends to have a different plan and style every game. One game your opponent replies symmetrically and a d4 push is called for, the next he goes for a Nimzo and you're into the Mikenas Attack, then he goes for a KID and you aim for a Botvinnik setup.

I'm waiting for my opponent to allow any of the moves I listed in my previous comment. There are too many ways my opponent can goof up and allow those moves to list here, but if you want a fairly comprehensive list of opening traps in your opening that's fairly easy to do with Chessbase or SCID. Just search for all the wins scores in 3-12 moves. That's roughly what I did, although I also added examples from my own games to my training database.