Tuesday, June 5, 2007


A couple of quickie items that hit me today...

First, I got a comment for Chess Teacher. Thanks for looking! While he is not a knight, his blog seems to have a lot of useful postings for the knights. Check it out!

Second, this posting seems to be right up the alley of a couple of the knights on the sidebar. The mechanics of learning seems to be at least one of the topics of discussion. And hits at the heart of the validity of the de la Manza method.

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rd said...

Well here's another comment for ya! Been reading your blog via rss live bookmark for a while now, and I'm enjoying the thread on learning - I too am learning how to improve using the power of fritz.

As my blog describes, I have recently returned to chess in middle age after a hiatus of 15-20 years. And now, the blatant promotion -


Thanks, and keep up the great posts...Rich