Wednesday, June 27, 2007


According to this site, you should not be likely able to solve the second of these problems unless you have had a frontal lobotomy.   

Of course, I gave it a try.  The first problem took me a little bit of time, probably about 50 seconds or so.  The second one, took about 3 seconds.   

Crap, I had been wondering what my wife has been up to at night. 

I have turned off commenting for a little bit, because I know y'all just can't help it, and you would cheat.  Or more likely if you came into the page, it would just be there and you couldn't help but be able to see it.

So here are the figures, you are allowed to move only one match stick to create a valid mathematical equation, or sentence as they say at my kid's school.  If you just can't help yourself the answer is at the site listed above...


hisbestfriend said...

For the chessy folks out there, I felt that I solved the second so fast because of "hashing". While attempting to do the first one, I had tried the solution for the second.

It, of course, hadn't worked for the first one. But I went through the prior list of things I had tried right away on the second, less than 3 seconds later, voila. Of course I may be fooling myself, and my wife has simply been up to no good. Or it is a symptom of the stroke. Who knows?

Blue Devil Knight said...

An interesting study that I'll have to take a look at before commenting.

I got the first fast, the second took me a couple of minutes.

HardDaysKnight said...

Before I even attempted it, I did seven circles on basic math problems. Once I got to the your problems, I didn't even have to think about the answer; it just appeared. I attribute this to the intensive math drill. ;) ;) ;)