Sunday, June 10, 2007

Position Tactics -- Position 3

Thus begins the Mother of all Positional Tactics. It is arguable in any system, that this should be considered position 1. Many open kings pawn games (1. e4 e5) have this either as a central part of their opening or an underlying threat to the opening.

This is the weakness of the f-pawn as it sits in it's starting position. It is only protected by the King. This leads to the fundamental problem that if your opponent's Queen captures that pawn, it is curtains.

Speed of openings is usually based upon the race to exploit the troubles created around the position vs. shoring up this position, or the next couple. Whether you are talking about the speed of a gambit or the speed of castling. It is also what you are generally talking about when you are talking about King Safety.

Side note on castling. In other openings except Kings Pawn, castling is important due to the increase in speed of getting the rook into the game. Usually more important than protecting the f-pawn or moving the king away from the unprotected f-pawn

What is interesting, is that due to the odd balance of chess, and the advent of computers is that while there is some truth to speed, and the race, it has been found that while exciting and difficult to solve OTB, with computers and booking, most of the time it is a tempest in a teapot. What has been shown, over and over again, is that fast attacks against the wary peter out, and often the defender gets a mighty second breath because after the attacks peter out, the awake to find more coordination, and mobility of their remaining pieces, and that their opponent simply has no more to say.

Still, this has been the source of many a miniature, even with strong players, important to the development of the game and is important in many, many openings.

If you have examples in your games or examples from openings please respond!

Scholars Mate
The first mate that many learn, and what begins to separate those that know how to play chess (the expression of a plan) and those that merely know how the pieces move, is the scholars mate and it's expression of Position 3.

1. e4 e5
2. Bc4 Bc5
3. Qh5 Nf6
4. Qxf7 #

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