Monday, June 18, 2007

An Interesting Dutch Blog

Ok, so I was trolling the blogosphere, as we do. And I came upon this very interesting dutch blog,

Here the author has put up several videos on You Tube that are from the very instructive video about the Lucena position, to a very interesting and informative endgame in the Carlsen V Aronian candidate match.

Plus, now I know how to imbed video!

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Loomis said...

Of course, the line he shows in the Lucena position is not the only way for white to win. Building the bridge is cool and people like it because Rf4 is so mysterious the first time you see it, but there are a very direct way to proceed in that position.

1. Rb1 intending Rb7, Rc7, and Kc8 -- very simple, very direct. The only point to be careful is when black plays his rook to the a-file after Rc7, don't fall for Kc8 Ra8+. For example:
1. ... Rc3 2. Rb7 Rc1 3. Rc7 Ra1 4. Rc2 (and not Kc8 Ra8+ Kb7 Rd8) 4. ... Ra8+ 5. Kc7 Ra7+ 6. Kd6 Ra6+ 7. Rc6 Ra8 8. Rc8 Rc6+ 9. Kc5 Ra5+ 10. Kb6 and black is out of checks.

In this line there are no deep moves like the bridge building. What's more, these simple and direct lines are even simpler if the pawn is not a central pawn.