Saturday, June 23, 2007

We're Gonna Live Forever

Hey, I think I am beating BDK here on a book review!!!!

I just received my copy of Engaging Pieces by Howard Goldowsky. It apparently was just released by Amazon earlier this week. I just wanted to get some light non-chessy chess reading, and it looked like it would fill the bill.

There will be a fuller review later (I am about half-way through), but the killer news, is that the Knights are FAMOUS!

The first chapter is an interview with de la Maza, and in the Postscript on Page 17...

Since the publication of Micheal de la Maza's book, Rapid Chess Improvement (Everyman Chess, 2003) there has been a growing cohort of de la Maza disciples populating the Internet (many of them listed at the Boylston Chess Club Weblog:

More Later...

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