Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Daddy is Toast

It took me until 9th grade to beat my father at chess. Even then I don't think I could consistently beat him until I was a senior.

My son, in the 3rd grade has now taken that torch. I am both delighted and saddened. My father, "Big Daddy" to the grandkids is now not as excited to play his grandson.

My hope is that I will enjoy getting my ass eventually whoomped by the kid when he is no longer saving the earth from the alien invaders.

I wish there was more chess in the park around here. Alas.


Ron said...

Welcome! I look forward to hearing about the progress this summer.

I have a six year old son who has been dabbling in chess on and off for about a year. Unfortunately, there are very few kids near his age that play chess around here, but he comes to the club occasionally to take on the grown-ups :)

Have fun!


takchess said...

regarding the Fried Liver. One as black does not need to take the Pawn with the knight bypassing the fried liver. Here are some ideas on the fried liver.
Black can also play the traxler as black which is even sharper .



hisbestfriend said...

Thanks Ron!

I am glad the adults put up with him. Fortunately, scholastics are fairly strong around here, (even with little USCF influence), so he seems to be able to get a game quite often.

hisbestfriend said...

Takchess! Yes, i have actually seen your page, and it has been helpful.

It was classic. No fried liver attack for 3 years. Nothing but sensible play off the 2 knights, and then WHAMMO!

Twice in state, he enounters it like a studious Italian monk! Of course he is going to take the pawn. Why wouldn't he. Oops. Wow...

He actually got quite deep in both games, he played them very well for someone that hadn't been there before.

We have a plan. The traxler is one of our options...

Stay tuned!