Sunday, April 29, 2007


A great big thank you to Blue Devil, and hello to the Knights that have arrived. I hope that you enjoy our adventure, and that y'all get at least a little bit of entertainment and edification out of this. But I think the Knights understand that comradery and process are key parts of chess mastery. So as Minnie says HOOOOWWWDY!


Abend said...

I have a habit of saying Howdy, myself -- a rare greeting in San Francisco. I take a lot of grief from the cable car grips.

Welcome to both of you! I look forward to reading the blog.

hisbestfriend said...

If Howdy keeps the folks unbalanced, then they need a little more howdy in thier lives! Howdy!

And I hope I can keep it interesting!

The Common Man said...

Howdy, hisbestfriend!

The habit of howdy is firmly ingrained in me, as I am a graduate of Texas A&M University where greeting with a "howdy" is tradition.