Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Friday night is one of the regular times you can actually get some chess in around here. They hold quads at the Chess4Life center. A local organization that started in the last year, that is both a result of the local chess boom, and will also help drive it.

You can also play at the local mall crossroads, quads at Eckstein middle school. And the University of Washington has an informal meeting at Cafe on the ave.

My son, his bud and I decided it was a good night to blow off some steam so we went and played. We need to do this more often. So that it means chess rather than just screwing around. It is hard to get into a chessy mind set on a friday evening, especially when your trying to man it up for your bud. And your bud is doing likewise. He eventually did play well with a record of 2/1. He did not when the tiebreak though, so missed the trophy this week. His bud, who is rated about 150 points up, is the lowest rated in the top quad. With the predictable and unfortunate results.

There is, unfortunately, no score. We talked about that, and we all agreed that it is probably a good idea to keep score. My son's one loss was to the Fried Liver Attack. Out of the 3 games he has lost in the past two weeks. All of them to this. Our strategy is to keep falling into it, but finding a way to win. At least so far.


BlunderProne said...

Welcome to the Knights! I'm considered a "graduate" since I've been through the 7 circles of hell. I continue to train a la de la Maza.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Have you seen Heisman's CD on the Fried Liver, which suggests many good lines (well, that's what the ad says :)).

Come to think of it, it is probably very (very!) good practice for learning some very important skills playing the Friend Liver as black. For instance, how to keep your cool when your king is getting molested (objectively, it is just better for black). Also, experience with finding the best move in very sharp tactical positions.

hisbestfriend said...

Thanks guys. I have seen Heisman's CD. Thank you for pointing it out though!

The problem with that stuff and its ilk, it is just to dense and dry to work through.

What I have enjoyed is the Fritz Trainer Series. I will post on that later. I think this is perfect for Knight Style Training.