Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Hippocratic Oath

First, do no harm.

Tactics training has been taking a time off. While the tactics training and thinking had been working, it was clear that there was a blockage happening for him and me, and sometimes it seems the only way to let the blockage clear is to let your brain rest for a bit.

He has just taken his first chess camp of the summer. His instructor was GM Emil Anka.

It is actually very rare for GM class instructors to actually be the teacher for this class in this area. There are some camps that claim to have a GM. But they are mostly there in name only, and the majority of instruction is done by others.

A very interesting experience I think for him, and it also put him mentally, into a group of players that he had not thought he was apart of before, but now he does. He still has rating excuse. ("I lost because his rating is x"). And he didn't keep score all week (as far as I know).

But now we are back on, and PCT says, hi, you haven't been here awhile, would you like to review. Sure we say. Ok... Your review module is 750(!!) problems long. Well that put him into a funk, but we should be caught up by the end of the week.


chessloser said...

i'm betting that chess camp was fantastic and he learned more than he thinks or realizes, and if nothing else, he got to be with a group of like minded people. damn, i wanna go to chess camp. seriously.

Blue Devil Knight said...

chessloser: me too. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Wahrheit said...

Chess camp for adults might be a winner--I'll bet you could fill a certain number of slots to hang with a GM or IM for a week.

Especially if there's beer and martinis at the end of the day.

iPwn said...


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