Saturday, July 7, 2007

What is it with Chess UI??

In what I think was a relatively little noticed match, where the fans put up the money if a GM could beat their favorite engine, Rybka, even with it's arms tied behind its back (the program could only have an opening book 3 moves deep, was always black, had no table bases and only had 1/2 as much time to play as the GM).

Granted the GM was sub-2700, and in the bottom half of the top 10 in the US.  Gm Ehlvast in this six game match lost 3.5 to .5 in 4 games. 

But what really cheesed me, is that the crazed chess programmers make all of this fancy chess engines that can be the crap out of you know, anyone.  And LOOK at the UI we had to watch the match in.   My favorite part is when you go into a room and you get the sound of a dice cup shaking and a dice roll.   I had thought the freaking wizard in PCT was the pits, but COME ON.

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